Protecting Life: We believe that all human life, from conception, is created by God and is to be valued. That is why Morningstar exists. If a woman is experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy and doesn’t know where to turn, we are ready to help. By providing a loving, supportive environment we preserve the life of the unborn child and endeavor to improve the life of the mother.

Providing Hope: Morningstar not only provides a place to live, but helps guide pregnant women through troubled times. Once a woman enters our program, they have a safe, supportive place to call home. Our programs are designed to teach and direct a woman to a safe, stable and independent lifestyle.

Restoring Dignity: Women find themselves in crisis pregnancy situations for various reasons. We know that bad decisions and injustice have consequences. We also know that each woman is worthy of honor and respect. We work hard to help each woman realize this and to learn from the situation that brought her to us. Our programs provide a variety of experiences, education and skills needed to ensure a meaningful life. Our desire is that once a woman leaves Morningstar, her chosen path will lead to a better future.